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Matanuska Susitna Borough School District, Palmer-Wasilla, Alaska, USA

We are dedicated to the idea that we can grow our own scholars and help light the pathway for our students that leads them to college. The implementation of Thunderbird Early College Charter School Programs, including, but not limited to are; Multi Year Individualized Learning Contracts, Real-world Simulations, such as UN Simulations, Distance Delivery, service-learning, and Mentor-ship will be guided by the following principles:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and Humanities studies and projects are essential for a well rounded education of our students;
  • The level of motivation that a student has determines what he/she is capable of learning. The respect given to students' individual interests plays an important part in their overall academic motivation. Providing a diverse set of learning opportunities that includes integrating the application of the scientific method, technology, engineering, social studies, physical education, music, fine arts, performing arts, world languages, as well as, mathematics, reading and writing does foster student motivation - thereby leading to more rigorous studies;
  • Motivating students to become life-long learners is a vital and important part of education. We believe that Parents and Teachers acting as role models can be the most powerful means to this end. The future prosperity in our world depends on educational systems aligned with standards, and that also help students to become self motivated. We believe this is the key to nurturing innovators and inventors, logical thinkers and technologically proficient problem solvers;
  • A commitment to the development of strategies that create a "College-Going Culture" is essential. Providing students support from teachers, and family members is needed to encourage students to see themselves as "college material" and to help them prepare for college accordingly;
  • Distance-delivered instruction can transform learning opportunities and personalized student-centered instruction may be created by breaking courses into modules that can be recombined specifically for each student according to their achievement levels and interests;
  • Stand-alone core subject study is necessary; however, multiple disciplines may be integrated into goal-orientated, accelerated learning and service-learning projects which foster an awareness of civic duty, as well as, prepare students to meet college and workplace readiness standards;
  • The evolving power of technology and that it has created a demand for new 21stCentury skills, not only in applying technology, but also for citizens with strong conceptual understanding of technological design and its underlying structures; and
  • We value collaborative efforts of staff, professionals and parents to guide our students on their path to excellence.

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